Asbestos Testing can be categorised into two main types; (i) analysis of bulk samples for asbestos fibres and (ii) analysis of air samples for measurement of respirable fibres. These tests can be undertaken to determine if asbestos fibres are present and the concentration of fibres in the air. CAR 2012 requires employers to prevent the exposure of their employees to asbestos

Eless provide a number of analytical services which broadly includes;

  • Asbestos in Bulk Materials

This involves sampling suspect materials and analysing them in a laboratory to determine if asbestos is present

  • Asbestos Fibres in Air

This involves sampling the air inside and outside an enclosure to determine whether the asbestos level in the air is above or below the clearance indicator.  This is used for leak testing during works and for 4 Stage Clearance

All our asbestos testing procedures are undertaken by organisations accredited by UKAS to ISO17025. Bulk analysts hold the BOHS P401 qualification and Air monitoring analysts hold both the BOHS P403 and P404.

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