The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that asbestos in non-domestic premises is managed. This includes ensuring that ; (i) a suitable and sufficient assessment is carried out to determine if asbestos is, or is liable, to be present and (ii) having a written plan that documents the measures that will be taken to manage the risk.

Am I compliant?

You may have already had an asbestos survey of your building, but this doesn’t mean that you have met the asbestos management requirements of the Regulations

You must have a documented Asbestos Management Plan. You must also monitor and record the condition of asbestos materials in the building, keep records up to date and make sure information is available.


Eless’s Services


You may already have some of the documents and procedures in place, but do you have all of them?, are they up to date? Whatever your current status regarding asbestos compliance Eless can provide all of the services as follows;


  • Desk Top Study (Gap Analysis)
  • Compilation and Review of Asbestos Management Plans
  • Compilation and Review of Asbestos Policies
  • Re-inspections (Re-Assessment of Identified ACM’s
  • Asbestos Management Software

By appointing Eless we can help you maintain asbestos compliance in accordance with legislative requirements. Our in-house compliance team can not only assist with the compilation of documents and propose working systems, but can also help you implement them and monitor their effectiveness. We can also keep your asbestos records up to date on whatever system you have chosen. The key driver for compliance management is to prevent building users from being exposed to asbestos.

Whether you are fully compliant and just need to maintain your systems and records, or whether you think you are failing at meeting legal requirements. Eless can provide you with advice, and assist with getting your systems in place.  If you have a limited budget we can also help you prioritise your actions, ensuring highest risk issues are dealt with first.

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